Tracker Tap – Second app

Simply track multiple numbers quickly and easily just by tapping plus or minus above each tracker. Use it to count cars passing by, or scores in a game, or specific aspects inside a game.

* remembers your data and settings when it closes
* no need to use the keyboard to track scores. Just tap!
* sounds for adding/subtracting points to a score
* mute feature
* color and name each player quickly and easily, or simply give each tracker a color if you don’t want to use the keyboard
* also features a +5 button you can toggle on/off
* reset button can reset scores (prompts you)
* delete button can delete a tracker or all trackers (prompts you)
* screen slides over so you can track more numbers than a screen worth. tested up to 100


Find it in the apple app store via iTunes or your iOS device today!


2 thoughts on “Tracker Tap – Second app

    • Hi there,

      Vince is hard at work redesigning and streamlining the Tracker Tap app. It will have a beautiful new iOS 7 friendly interface that everyone will enjoy. Please look for an update within the next two weeks. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience 🙂

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